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Dentures are exceptionally designed to replace missing teeth and are life savers for adhering to the needs of such patients to maintain their masticatory function and effective dental and overall health. They permit the wearer to appreciate food, smile with certainty, and talk with no obstacles in speech. At Smile 4U Dental clinic in Kurla, our dental specialists very carefully plan and fabricate high quality dentures keeping in mind the needs and comfort of the patient. The dentures are uniquely designed to consistently fit the shape of their dental arches and facial profile to avoid any inconvenience.

What Are Dentures?

There are basically two types of dentures that replace missing teeth - Partial and Complete. Normally, complete dentures are fabricated to replace all missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw, while partial dentures are intended to occupy the spaces made by missing teeth which are joined to the remaining present teeth with a clasp to hold them in a proper way.

Why Do I Need Dentures?

Uniquely designed dentures are artificial teeth that fit entirely over the gums and jaw bones which aids in chewing and biting replicating natural teeth. They maintain form and function of the jaw to avoid any indiscrepencies which may result from missing teeth. If missing teeth are not replaced with suitable prosthesis, then over time the present teeth will migrate to occupy the vacant spaces thereby disturbing the jaw relation to teeth. This might lead to TMJ issue and bite problems.

Temporary dentures might be made while the gums and bones under the missing teeth may resorb and alter the dimension. After a stable time period, permanent dentures teeth can be fabricated which are custom fitted to your jaw.

Types of Dentures

The different types of dentures offered at dental clinics include:

Complete Dentures

These replace every single missing tooth, gums, and tissues.

Partial Dentures

Partial fixed dentures carry out a similar role yet require a dental expert to eliminate them.

Partial removable dentures are great for supplementing a couple of missing teeth and can be eliminated whenever required.

Implant Retained Dentures (over-dentures)
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These are removable dentures deriving anchorage from the implant and are intended to be removable.

Tooth Supported Dentures (over-dentures)
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These are removable dentures deriving anchorage from the tooth/teeth and are intended to be removable.

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures are connected to an acrylic base plate and are attached utilizing metal clasps and support themselves by sitting on the edges of your gums. These dentures are budget-friendly, generally simple to remove, and simple to make alterations when required.

Quality Tooth Replacement with Dentures

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