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When a tooth cavity/decay starts by various etiological factors such as poor oral hygiene, excess sugar intake etc, a dental filling/restoration can come to rescue before the cavity progresses to serious endodontic problem. A dental restoration is the treatment for teeth with dental cavities, cracks, and broken teeth.

The decayed part of tooth is cleaned and prepared using dental burs so as to receive a proper restorative material such as GIC or composites or any compatible material of choice.

Tooth filling at the initial stages of cavity can save the tooth from further agony. Minor Tooth cracks, worn out teeh can also be repaired using dental restoration.

What type of filling is used?

The type of the cavity, the dental filling cost required, the material used and a large number of variables decide the sort of filling to use for the decayed part.

A large variety of restorative materials are available: gold, silver, tooth-coloured composites, ceramic, glass ionomer to name a few. Each restorative material has its own pros and cons. It depends on the dental specialist and the patient to settle on the right sort of restoration.

A temporary filling is just for a specific time frame and is not intended to last. It is required under the accompanying conditions: when the fillings need only one appointment, after a root canal treatment, to allow the tooth nerve to settle down if at any time the pulp has become contaminated, and during emergency cases. IT should be replaced with a permanent restoration to avoid any bacterial contamination or micro-leakage.

The done dental restoration should be periodically checked and also inspects for any faulty cracks or micro-leakage.

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