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“Let The Child Familiarise With The Dental Specialist”

The best propensity one can inculcate in kids is regular Dental health check-ups. This will eventually prepare them to be less anxious while visiting a dental health care professional thereby adopting a more positive disposition towards self dental health.

An effective way for guaranteeing their visit to the dental specialist consistently is to ensure a friendly and gentle first dental visit which has the most profound effect on a child to prepare them for concurrent dental appointments. It should be the least invasive one and should probably initially involve some demo for cleaning and polishing the teeth, telling preventive strategies to save teeth from cavities, TSD (tell show do) techniques etc. A child's first dental visit should ALWAYS be minimally invasive so as to instill positive attitude in children towards dental treatment.

At Smile 4U Family Dental Clinic in Kurla, Mumbai, we focus on giving comprehensive family dental care to establish aesthetic form and function thereby restoring their wonderful smile. We suggest bringing the child for their first dental visit when they begin to get their "first milk teeth" or by the age of one year. Our team of dental specialists always try to make dental procedures a fear-free and enjoyable experience.

This lays a foundation for a positive trust for patient-dentist relationship and henceforth they seek proper advice for any sort of dental problems.

Teenage tooth care

Though every age milestone is an indispensable time to take care of teeth; teenage marks a turning point in rapid development of both jaws and teeth due to growth spurts and requires proper screening of oral health. Timely intervention can avoid many predisposing dental anomalies.

Our children’s dental care services include:

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