dentist in Kurla, Mumbai
At Smile 4U Family Dental Clinic in Kurla, Mumbai, we provide all sorts of dental treatment to fulfil your dental woes, including Orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners. It involves correction of dental or skeletal malocclusion/irregular teeth to achieve aesthetic facial profile, thereby increasing the confidence of a person both in form and function.

Braces have made considerable advancement in the last couple of years leading to correction of teeth in much lesser time period. The braces have created awareness in the masses thereby more and more people are opting to have their teeth straightened to correct their crooked teeth.

At Smile 4U Dental clinic, we utilize the Damon System for braces. The Damon Framework utilizes more advanced technology to straighten your teeth with fewer difficulties, in a quicker and more comfortable way.
The Damon Framework utilizes a licensed slide component to connect arch wires to the bracket while permitting the wire to move freely. This lessens friction and works on oral hygiene by dispensing with elastic ties.

This allows our orthodontic experts to adjust the teeth to more accuracy than with traditional braces and complete your treatment all the more rapidly.


Searching for the best clear aligners? You are at the right place then. Smile 4U Family Dental Clinic is one of the renowned ones in Kurla, which provides clear aligners and teeth straightness for those who want their flawless dream smile.

Invisible teeth aligners offer a trouble-free way to straighten the malocclusion or irregular teeth for a smile that is aesthetic and pleasant. Aligners are clear, tight-fitting upper and lower jaw mouthpieces that fit around our teeth. They are gradually replacing the traditional metal braces and gaining much appreciation worldwide.
Invisible teeth aligners are transparent and removable, and are worn for almost 20-22 hours. They are only removed for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. These aligners are less noticeable than traditional braces and can achieve similar outcome.

The teeth aligners are indicated for patients, who want to correct their overcrowded teeth, spacing, bite problems, thereby improving their overall facial form and function. "These aligners can accomplish the same results as fixed braces, with quicker results or reducing the treatment time by few months, if worn properly" says Dr. Sajid S. Shaikh (MDS) Mumbai.

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