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Every tooth has a root canal that stores the tooth's nerve and delicate tissues with the blood supply. In inadvertent condition when the nerve or sensitive pulpal tissue becomes infected, the bacteria starts to multiple, causing an inflammation. The infection may spread to other surrounding tissues and other vital organs in rare cases. Side effects of the disease in the root canal can be severe toothache especially at night, hypersensitivity to hot and/or cold temperatures, and gums discomfort like swelling and redness.

Not every damaged tooth can be saved by root canal treatment, and alternative treatments may be more suitable. Your dentist can recommend the best treatment option for you.

The treatment is performed in a single or couple of visits which is performed under anaesthesia.

Root canal treatment includes cleaning and shaping of the roots from inside, and disposing of the infected dental pulp, being the tooth part that is made of veins, nerves, and connective tissues. The canal of the root is cleaned from any debris, inundated, dried, and afterward loaded up with filling material intended to seal the tooth. The tooth may then have a crown put on top to improve hold its solidarity. Your dental specialist may likewise suggest visiting consistently during the recuperation time so they can screen progress through x-rays.

Experienced and talented dental specialists at Smile 4U Family Dental clinic are extremely knowledgeable about root canal treatment and can evaluate the condition of your tooth and answer every query and doubt.

At Smile 4U Family Dental Clinic root canal treatment is done in the most effective way which is digitally enhanced using top brand apex locator (Computer based), motorized using rotary system and done in usually single or two sittings. This system of RCT is almost painless and have successful outcome.
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